Making videos for New Zealand Red Cross

Since the end of 2015 I have been working on a series of videos for the New Zealand Red Cross. They launched a new version of their website in March and wanted videos made about the various services that they offer.

I was very pleased to take on this project. I love working with companies whose values ally with mine. NZRC does a bunch of great things in the community. It was really fun learning about all the good things they do! It was great seeing that the work they do really helps people, here is one of my favourite clips of people describing why they love NZRC.

NZRC offers services such as Community Transport (for people who need to get to medical appointments but don’t have transport), Meals on Wheels and Refugees Services (helping refugees settle in NZ in all sorts of ways). They offer First Aid courses and sell awesome secondhand goods in their shops. They help locally and internationally if there is a disaster.

We made 10 videos as well as a bunch of mini clips. You can see some of them below.

You can learn more about New Zealand Red Cross here:

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